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Messolonghi Sacred City, Greece


George Apostolakos is the only qualified, licensed tourist guide in Aetoloakarnania and has been active in this area since 2005. He graduated in 1997 while a few years later he graduated from the National Conservatoire. Since 2005 he has been working as a tourist guide, vocal, orthophony teacher and singer, aiming at the touristic and cultural upgrade of the place he loved and chose to live. At the same time, he has taken part in the multi-author, luxury album "MESSOLONGHI" (2010) and has written the short biography of Athanasios Razikotsikas (2019) which are available from the cultural organization of "DIEXODOS" which was awarded by the Academy of Athens. He was a speaker at the 40th Training Seminar of the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, while from time to time he has taken part in online conferences and workshops as well as in Greek TV shows of touristic, historic, and environmental subjects that concern Messolonghi, Aetoloakarnania and the surrounding area, throughout the centuries. In order of appearance: «Μένουμε Ελλάδα» - Ε.Ρ.Τ. (2009) «Γυρίσματα» - ΣΚΑΪ (2011). «Μηχανή του Χρόνου» - Ν.Ε.Τ. (2013) – COSMOTE HISTORY (2020). «ΜΕΣΟΛΟΓΓΙ» - ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΩΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ (2017). «60΄ Ελλάδα» - ALPHA. «Selfie» - Ε.Ρ.Τ.(2020) «Η Προσφορά Της Εκκλησίας στην Εθνεγερσία» - COSMOTE TV(2020) «Τοπόσημα» - E.Ρ.T.(2021). “SPECIAL REPORT” – ANT1 (2021).

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Διεύθυνση Garden Of Heroes, Messolonghi Sacred City, Greece
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Licensed Tourist Guide

Messolonghi Sacred City, GR

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