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We provide translation services including the translation of websites, technical and legal texts, in over 150 language combinations.

Each project is assigned to a translator with the required expertise. For larger projects, we build up project-specific glossaries to ensure the consistent use of terminology. We employ translation memory technology to provide even greater consistency and substantial savings for our clients. This ensures all your translations receive the care and expertise they deserve. All source and translated texts are stored in our secure cloud, allowing for immediate retrieval.

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Our skilled translators have a thorough knowledge of the source language and are native speakers of their target language, with in-depth knowledge of the specific topics they translate. We have a great deal of experience in managing large translation projects in many languages, using a strong network of translators with whom we enjoy long-term relationships, based on our mutual commitment to excellence.

We also offer Machine Translation Post-editing

Leveraging advances in neural machine translation, Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) has become faster, cheaper, and more accurate. This helps combine the best of both worlds: the speed and ability of MT engines to quickly handle large volumes of text with the skill and sensitivity of trained linguists. 

We work closely with forward-thinking organisations to integrate language AI in their processes. Our professional post-editors can effectively evaluate the project after machine translation and, depending on the type of content and the intended use, propose the appropriate editing level after processing. In addition, our translators have been trained in this type of translation and can effectively provide the desired level of quality, while balancing it with the given budget. If you are considering the use of machine translation, we will be very happy to exchange ideas on the subject and share our knowledge and know-how.

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