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One of the key elements of our work is the creation and organisation of effective language tools and their continuous updating. The term “linguistic resources” is a general term for translation memories, glossaries, terminologies, manuals (text style manual, text editing guide, formatting guide), account profiles and quality profiles.

Translation memories save customers money by leveraging content that has been translated in the past, while terminology glossaries save customers time by minimising the quality assurance time and ensuring consistency across content.

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As we manage large projects, we create special project glossaries to ensure consistency in the use of terminology. To date, we have created over 250 electronic glossaries for the needs of our customers.

In early 2020, we created a spin-out, RIMA Language-Tech-Culture, which specialises in the creation and management of electronic lexicographical databases for corporate customers such as the Alpha Bank Group, who require assurance of the terminology they use at group level.

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