Achaia Hub

Creative Hub in Achaia

Cultural & creative industry business support hubs


Creative Hub Patras is a creative hub that provides guidance, consulting and training development services to businesses and professionals in the creative and cultural sector. The hub is temporarily hosted by the Chamber of Achaia (Michalakopoulou 58, 2nd floor, Patras). It aims to be a common point of contact for those active in the Creative sector, to support Existing creative Businesses and encourage the establishment of New ones, to highlight and serve the needs of the sector and to enhance the networking and outreach of professionals in the field of culture and creation.

As part of its operation, 24 seminars-workshops will be implemented exclusively for creators, artists, organizations and companies from Achaia. The purpose of the 24 seminars and workshops is to impart specialized knowledge on Entrepreneurship, internet activity, marketing & communication, connection with tourism and the Agri-Food sector and the promotion of cultural heritage.

At the same time, it will proceed with networking actions and business B2B missions of the professionals of the region, with corresponding businesses inside and outside Greece.