Puglia Hubs

Pavilion 25, Foggia Fair

The creative Hub planned within the exhibition centre of the city of Foggia, a centre with ancient Frederick and Aragonese origins and the nerve centre of trade linked to agri-food activities, will be built by occupying a portion of Pavilion no. 25.


Until a few decades ago, the Foggia Fair hosted 2 major annual exhibition events for agricultural, food and pasteurizing activities. During these events, Pavilion no. 25 housed the exhibition of animals of different species.

In order to adapt the spaces to host the new Creative@Hub, the pavilion is currently undergoing renovation.

The renovation project of the structure involves the creation of a modern and multifunctional building. It will consist of 2 floors with access from the ground floor and with vertical connection via a large staircase and an internal lift. The height of the building will be 8.50 m.

The ground floor of 1,402.33 sq.m, will host a conference room, a coworking room and a play area to reconcile business needs with family needs and a coffee bar. The first floor will host 7 offices, 2 laboratories, a data centre and 2 storage rooms, for a total of 717.72. sq.m.

The overall volume of the new building will be equal to (m3 7,220.74 + m3 2,870.88) = m3 10,091.30.

The pavilion will also be set up with the most modern telecommuting equipment.

Ground floor plan

                                                                                          Ground floor plan

First floor plan

                                                                                     First floor plan

The space is designed to be a place for networking and collaboration between cultural companies and agri-food companies, two crucial sectors of the Apulian economy that can benefit from the innovation that comes from processes of mutual contamination.

The connection with the other 7 hubs of the project will also be fundamental. In fact, they will be networked together and supported by the role of their respective hub managers.

In addition to the renovation of the infrastructure, the management and sustainability plan of the structure is being studied by the University of Foggia on behalf of the Department of Agriculture, Rural and Environmental Development.

Fiera di Foggia website: https://fierafoggia.it/


Bari Fair, Pavillon 125

The creative hub that will be hosted at Levante Fair in Bari is located inside Pavilion 125. At the moment the renovation and re-functionalization works of the building are in progress