Epirus Hub

Epirus Creative@Hub (under construction)

Entrepreneurship Support Structure

Epirus is a region in Greece, famous for its great tradition in wood carving, painting, weaving, stone art and especially silversmithing. It attracts the interest of many creative enterprises and individuals, from inside and outside of the region. Considering this fact, a space where the stakeholders will have the opportunity to create, is highly required.

The Region of Epirus, taking into consideration those needs, participated in the “Creative@Hubs” Project, which is funded by the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy 2014-2020 Programme, in order to create a modern Creative Hub. Located within its headquarters, in the center of the city of Ioannina, the Hub offers modern equipment such as PCs, 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutting machines, etc., as well as consulting services for a multitude of issues concerning the creative industry sector. The aforementioned equipment and the services are provided to the stakeholders free of charge.

Through this Hub, which until now is the first corresponding support structure in the region, the Region of Epirus is aiming, to promote and support the creative enterprises and individuals of the region. The Hub is essentially a space where interested parties have the opportunity to collaborate, exchange ideas, opinions, knowledge and experience. The operation of the Hub is aiming both at individuals and enterprises in the creative industry by providing both equipment and guidance.

The Hub is staffed with qualified experts who support the structure by informing the public about the use of the available equipment, by providing consulting services and by informing about upcoming seminars/workshops and events.

The Hub is providing:

  • Information about the creative industry.
  • Information about the available financial tools.
  • Presentation of the available stores that provide raw materials.
  • Information about the licensing process and the required supporting documents.
  • Networking with organizations and professionals in the creative industry.
  • Access to the equipment in order to test and explore its capabilities.
  • Organization of exhibitions related to the creative industry sector.
  • Courses, seminars/workshops and professional consultancy.
  • Organization of informative events about the creative industry sector.
  • Support in legal matters.

Finally, networking meetings are organized with the other, Project related, Hubs that have been established both in Greece (Region of Western Greece, Region of Ionian Islands) and in Italy (Puglia), highlighting the need for cooperation and exchange of knowledge.