Aitoloakarnania Hubs

Creative@Hub in Aetoloakarnania

Cultural & creative industry business support hubs

In Aetoloakarnania there are two multifaceted spaces of enhanced synergy, creation of new knowledge and innovation provided to people of cultural creative industry. There are spaces of coexistence, networking, creativity, entertainment with the possibility of consulting on development, financial tools, marketing and branding competitiveness, giving added value to cultural creativity of existing companies in the creative industry. In general, they promote:

  • Accessibility
  • Synergy
  • Social Networking
  • Creativity
  • Explosion of ideas
  • Fun
  • Consulting
  • Learning
  • Strategy - Planning
  • Innovation
  • New business models
  • Vision

Specifically, information on financial tools, development and cultural enterprises operation support, strategic planning, clustering, etc. is provided.

Also, on the second floor of the Chrysogelos Building and in the assigned space in Agrinio, every interested person/Stakeholder can be hosted and expressed creatively every day, making free use of the electronic equipment and WI-FI in a space of cooperation and culture.

Within the Cultural & creative industry business support hubs, seminars and specialized knowledge transfer workshops, techniques, strategies and innovative practices and models, in different sectors of cultural industry, are provided by the hubs, with the aim of creating an experience of experiential added value for creators, enhancing knowledge, inspiring new ideas and innovative products and increasing their competitiveness. Also, the hubs are creating the necessary conditions for business prosperity and development of creative industry companies, so that they can solve problems, overcome obstacles, make decisions, develop business plans, generate new ideas to gain professional confidence and sow creativity & culture.

Finally, networking meetings will be organized cultural industry “cells” of other creative Hubs in the Region of Western Greece, Ionian Islands, Epirus & Puglia in Italy highlighting the need for cooperation and synergy, hatching clusters of creativity of new ideas and cultural excellence/values.

The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania supported the action of qualitative research through focus groups (D.3.1.2-Analysis of the focus groups in Pyrgos, Mesolonghi, Agrinio and Patras) and interviews carried out by the Regional Development Institute - Panteion University, in the Regional Unit of Aetoloakarnania. This research had two main objectives, to record the needs of the businesses of the cultural industry, as well as the sectors and branches that have surplus value and that interact positively with other branches of the local economy and that create chains of multiplying value at an economic and developmental level. The results of the study/research resulted in the following main thematic areas:

  • Cultural industry & Cultural Tourism.
  • Cultural industry & Agri-food product.
  • Cultural industry and Internet entrepreneurship.
  • Cultural industry and Photography.
  • Cultural industry and Theatre / Cinema / Music / folklore (musical instruments and traditional costumes) etc.

In continuation of the results of this study, all the actions of management of the spaces, extroversion and knowledge transfer workshops/seminars etc. were planned.