Agrinio, Greece


The Genesis of an icon.

As a painter and decorator, I decided to pursue a distinct approach in creating religious icons by applying differentiating techniques and elements. The methods used have resulted in creations with beautiful compositions, that can easily be placed in all types of houses and iconostasis. For this reason, my wife and I created icons through an aging technique that offers an impressive result, without offending the sacred image in which the icon depicts. Wood is an anisotropic material with which I am passionate about working. It is versatile and long lasting and because of this, I am able to create various shapes that give life to the depicted images, resulting in an attractive and everlasting icon that can be enjoyed by all.

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Address ΙΣΚΟΥ ΑΝΔΡΕΑ 22, Agrinio, Greece
Phone Number 2641402311
E-mail iconsgenesis@gmail.com
Website https://www.etsy.com/shop/IconsGenesis

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Agrinio, GR

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