Culture and Prosperity s.c.e.

Κρέστενα, Greece


Culture and Prosperity s.c.e. is a Social Enterprise founded by a group of people in December 2013 based in Krestena, Municipality of Andritsaina – Krestena, Regional Unit of Ilia, who envisioned a cooperative that will have the ability to manage and utilize national and international experience to become a core of development for the benefit of society.

Our values are based on daily effort, to create relationships between members and maintain balances, applying and respecting the democratic decision-making system, according to the principle: one member - one vote, regardless of the contribution of each member.

We are constantly evaluated under a strict system of criteria that we have set and accepted all members, based on our professional qualities, as to the effectiveness of our individual actions. In addition, we seek to support each other both morally and professionally in order to achieve the needs of the collective.

The specialized specialties and skills of the members differ from each other and therefore manage to address different sectors such as: education, culture, sports, tourism and agriculture. In addition, they constitute the main pillar of support of all activities, contribute to the strengthening, expansion and development of the activities of Culture and Prosperity s.c.e. in the local community, to the participation in Networks and Development Partnerships at Local, Regional, National and European level as well as to the cooperation with public sector bodies.

Through a general framework of actions, provision of services and initiatives in the fields of Education, Culture, Tourism, Sports and the Agri-Food Sector, the Agency has formulated a strategic plan which includes, management and operation of infrastructure, mobility with participations in Partnerships and Networks, participation by submitting proposals and action plans in National and European Programs, Organization of Cultural and Artistic Events, collaborations with local authorities, while at the headquarters of the Organization operates the Music Workshop in the context of supporting Children's Music, the Central Knowledge Transfer (HUB) in the context of the operation of a knowledge and know-how transfer hub operating since 2020 and the operation of a Lending Library.

Business Name Culture and Prosperity s.c.e.
Address Τέρμα Ξενοφώντος, Κρέστενα, Greece
Phone Number 6977992398

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Culture and Prosperity s.c.e.

Κρέστενα, GR

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